Company Profile

Company Introduction

KPI Consulting executes Organisational Performance Improvement Projects with the aim of raising performance of the companies up and deploys the know-how generated from these Projects by courses it arranges.  

KPI Consulting has been founded for the purpose of providing Management Application Consulting service which has lack of use among the organisations in our region. By our sector-wide experience we have observed that both management consulting service lacking practice and application consulting projects without management function dont meet expected benefit. Eliminating this shortage depends on design and application of multi-functional integrated solutions.

Consequently, KPI Consulting has focused on Human Resources, Processes and Management Information Systems.    

Work process consist of three basic phases : 

Research and Development:

Management information systems with significant use particularly in developed countries are being researched continiously and appilicable templates are created as a result of development activities.

Application Projects:

The product and service templates created as an output of research process are implemented in accordance with the characteristics and structure of the related organisation and the results of the reseach are being assessed. In fact, application projects are preferred by the organisations which aim to raise their performance up by making difference unlike traditional approaches. Majority of applications are brand new solutions.


The templates which are created as a result of research activity are reported and transferred to the organization and personnel by free attendance trainings.

Working areas are not sector-focused. The applicability of all methods are investigated prior to the study according to classification of organisation and scope of the project such SMEs, public, manifacturing, services, foreign trade, sales and marketing, computer-based communication. Hence, KPI Consulting leans on fundamentals of management science.  

All these studies are based on Industrial Engineering notion. All consultants of KPI Consulting are Industrial Engineers. This provides us to approach to administration and operation management cases with systems analysis viewpoint. The system analysis point of view hasenabled us to make analysis on any kind system we encounter. Thus, the experience we have gained through previous projects aids us greatly on creating remarkable results on projects in sectors which we haven’t worked before.

KPI Consulting aims to provide outstanding solutions for the organisations which seek to be more competetive by following brand new solutions.