Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

As KPI Consulting we are providing business consulting services in human resources mangement field with competency based point of view within the range starting from onboarding to cancellation of labor contract. Our main purpose is to maximize the value added to the organization by the employees by utilizing their knowledge, talent and skill in a rational way. In other words, to increase the middle and long term performnace by relating expected critical acitivity results to abilities of the employees.

Our fields of work:

  • Search and Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training Requirement Analysis, Planning and Assessment

  • Individual Performance Management

  • Motivation

  • Performance Based Pay Systems

  • Career Development

  • Leadership and Management

  • Optimum Worforce Planning

  • Job and Responsibility Descriptions

  • Competency Based Human Resources System

  • Suggestion and Reward Systems