Consulting Services

Consulting Services

KPI Consulting, consisting of Industrial Engineers and Business Administration Engineers which have the required background for the fields of study required for management consulting, gives consulting service on the subjects given below with the information and experience gathered from previous experience and research & development activities.

Moderator (Administrative) Consulting Services

The purpose of this consulting service is to create the communication environment required for common decision making and problem definition and solving activities such as teleconferences, workshops and brainstorming sessions. Moderator (administrator) ensures obtaining effective and efficient results by delivering tools required for common decision making and problem solving techniques to attendants. Administrative consulting service can be given to attendants consisting of individuals within the organization (services such as: Strategy Development, Vision Definition etc.), internal individuals (Stakeholder Analysis, SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis etc.) and independent individuals (perception measurement, satisfaction measurement).

Advisory Consulting Services

The purpose of this consulting service is to give coaching service to the mid and high-level managers on deciding which techniques to be more beneficial for the organization on various management subjects such as production, purchasing, sales, marketing, quality, human resources, IT, cost and management accounting, strategy etc. Prior to this study, internal and external environment analysis with a strategic point of view is done and current state analysis report is presented to related manager.

Methodology Consulting Services

The purpose of this consulting service is to help organizations get the use of many worldwide known management techniques such as Business Process Management, Activity Based Costing and Management, Target Costing, Performance Based Costing, Strategic Planning and Management, Strategic Human Resources, COBIT, SOX, Balanced Scorecards, COSO and Risk Management, ICT, CMMI, Web Marketing by giving information, arranging workshops and doing pilot studies. After this service, in case the management of organization adopts the related management technique, employees of the organization are trained in way that they can execute the project by themselves and supported in all stages required for deployment of the management technique within the organization. In this consulting service we always provide the most recent and exceptional techniques to the organizations.

Application Consulting Services

The purpose of this consulting service is to work hand-in-hand with employees of the organization on all the processes that are possible to improve. Application consulting service covers both creation of solutions on areas possible to improve and implementation these solutions. However, KPI consultants does not take place in execution of the processes. They control the execution of the solution, give suggestions for elimination of the problems that hinder the solution and directs the employees accordingly.

Software Post-implementation Consulting Service

The purpose of this consulting service to increase the effectiveness and efficiency after implementation of software such as MRP II, ERP, CRM, BPR, WM, ICM, IA, DW, SEM etc. KPI Consultant first identifies to what extend is the software compatible for the organization by doing current state analysis. Then, adapts the software system to the business system by working together with software consultants and using existing analytic features of the software. If required gives software usage trainings too.

Supportive Consulting

The purpose of this consulting service is to provide external resource for activities which has to be completed within a short period of time with limited resources (such as hardware, software, human and work space). In this service the consultant gives support to the organization in order to fulfill the required tasks together with the employees of the organization by providing his/her resources. This service might be a critical data entry or analysis task or giving supportive training to company’s employees in a central support unit (such as project monitoring within project management office) for assisting company’s employees about their related subjects.



Business Process, Quality and Project Management

Business processes need to improved continiously in the aspect of quality, time and cost in order to gain competitive advanteg in today's business world.

Strategic Cost and Budget Management

Today’s competitive business environment require correct cost information and effective budget management

Operations Management

Our services in this field include: Strategic Asset Management, MRP, Warehouse Management, Purchasing Management, and Sales Management

Strategy and Corporate Performance Management

The tracking of accomplishment of strategic plans are managed by corporate performance management systems.

Human Resources Management

Competence based  human resources management model brings human resources function into proactive state and addresses it as the keystone of the business administration.

Risk Management and Auditing

Uncertaininty cannot be eliminated completely. However it can be greatly reduced if the anticipated circumstances are taken into control.