Mission, Vision and Values


KPI Consulting has the mission to increase the capability of companies to do business in world-class standards.

The purpose for the foundation of KPI Consulting is to make organizations, especially those in our country, to do business with better performance by performing research and development activities on modern management techniques in practice.

Our primary goal is to improve the relationships of Turkish companies with close and distant regions and increase their worldwide competitiveness.


Our vision is to provide business management systems and solutions for the companies which aim to develop better, innovative new practices.

KPI Consulting performs research and development on HR, Business Processes and IT Systmes and executes practices with the aim to improve performance of organizations.

Our goal is to be first solution provider that comes to mind for those who seek for outstanding solutions.

Our Values


We are always honest to our customers and to ourselves. Honesty is the most important value which benefits our company, our employees, our customer and our society in the long run.

Reservation of Rights

Customer rights being first, we protect all the rights of people and the organization which are related to our studies.


All of our work and our organization are always open to any kind of inspection and examination.


The information of our customers is our privacy.


We satisfy the expectations of the people we work with by understanding their way of thinking and conditions which they are subject to.

Continious Learning

We learned that life is a challenge and in order to be successful, we always need to learn new stuff.


We do not imitate others. What we do is brand new.

Being Outstanding

We are excited to go beyond the ordinary and create something exceptional.


All the work we do is for spending our time in the best way. We love what we do and we enjoy it. This motives us and increases our individual performance.